I'm Not Turning On My TV For A Reboot of An Old Show

I'm Not Turning On My TV For A Reboot of An Old Show

It seems as if all of the old shows from the 90s are getting a reboot. Every show from fresh Prince of Bel Air to Martin seems to be in the works of creating a spin off what continuation of where the original show left off. While everyone seems to be excited to follow-up on their favorite characters from the original show I happen to be in the small percentage of people who are completely against the reboot and remake of the old older shows that I consider to be memories of my childhood.

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While cruising my Facebook timeline I came across an article talking about the possibility of a reboot of living single. The article featured an interview from Erika Alexander with comments from her stating that she would not be returning to the show if it were to reboot. Her reasoning was that she wants to explore other characters and doesn't want to be held captive to the role of Maxine forever. I am sure that she was referring to the curse that a lot of television stars fall in when they become iconic for a certain role that propelled them into stardom. Often these actors have a hard time being cast for other roles or being taken seriously because everyone associates them with that one character which does massive damage to their career long-term. Almost all popular sitcom child stars suffer from this curse. If you don't believe me give me a list of childhood actors who, after ending their long careers in a single roles, went on to have extraordinary careers in Hollywood. There aren't too many that you can name that have been successful. So, I can completely understand why Erika would refuses to go back but my reason for not being a fan of reboots is for a different reason. 

I want something new.

I don't watch much TV anymore. I don't have cable and I haven't had cable since 2014. I don't miss cable because honestly it's the same thing over and over again. I have been doing fine with my subscription to Netflix and Hulu for years now and I don't see that changing anytime soon. Everyone makes fun of me because I have no problem watching reruns of the same shows over and over again. I am a fan of watching shows after they have ended their regular airing on television. I prefer binge watching a show as opposed to having to wait week after week to be updated on the new episode. So, I typically wait until a show is no longer on air or until the season has ended to catch up on what's going on. 

That aside, I understand that television networks are trying to find a way to compete with subscription base apps that allow viewers to watch TV shows and old sitcoms that are no longer in syndication. I understand that networks are trying to come up with a way to drop back in the user base but I don't think that read booting old shows is the way to do it. The problem with bringing back an old show is that you have to remember that the core audience of this rebooted show will be older people who were old enough to remember and appreciate the original show when it was on air. Most of that audience will be in their mid to late 30s. And unlike back when the show originally aired we have a new demand for entertainment. More viewers are moving away from sitcoms in favor of drama shows and reality TV. 

Netflix took a gamble of rebooting Full House and got lucky. Fuller House has a great concept and the writing is consistent unfortunately for most reboots this isn’t the case...

I want the past to stay in the past. I want new ideas. I want original concepts or if it's taking a piece of some other project I want there to be some kind of upgrade an enhancement to the story. Instead of giving me for women living together who are all single with no children and have these typical career that scream (approval) success give me a sitcom about four black women who are juggling parenthood and careers in “you’ll never make it, get a real job" fields likes blogging or some kind of entrepreneurial endeavor. Give me something that I can relate to as a 32 year old woman, raising a child and building a business in 2018. I don't want something that is going to make me feel as though this could never be me. I want to watch something that's going to motivate me to continue to do what I'm doing or watch something that I personally can't connect to an find bits and pieces of myself in. And unfortunately most of the shows that I grew up on are not reality for me nor can I relate to them in my current life.

Seriously, I could never be Claire Huxtable. She doesn’t even curse. (kisses teeth)

Plus, to be completely honest it's a lazy. It takes absolutely no effort to take in original story line and come up with some craziness to continue the story. But as the story continues continues you'll run into the problem of the story becoming boring or completely unrealistic which quickly translate into corny and people hate corny. Sorry, it’s the truth.

I want something new.

And in order to get something new we need to get rid of the old formulas. We need to get rid of old writers producers and executives who block innovation and start bringing new fresh talent who are capable of bringing life to new ideas. We need to enlist the help of talented writers and creative thinkers who can come up with a concept that is both comedy and education in a way that resonates with any audience. We need to get the help of talented filmmakers and editors who can create a vision and put together a visionary project that will captivate viewers. The talent is out there and the talent is available. You can scroll Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and find thousands of talented writers and creators. Most of which are people of color or black. But unfortunately we are unable to obtain these opportunities to create because the powers that be refused to acknowledge that the old formulas just do not work anymore. And for the ones who are willing to push the envelope just a little bit want you to go so far into the deep in that you have a hard time dealing their own moral principles and for most it's simply not worth it.

We need something new.

Stop remaking and rebooting old TV shows and movies. Stop telling the same stories over and over again. There is only so many ways to tell the story of Beauty and the Beast. There are only so many adaptions of Batman I can stomach. I can only watch so many more sequels to to sequel before I say screw the whole damn franchise. I mean, they should have killed off Fast and Furious a long time ago and I need to know who keeps requesting these films. 

Stop being lazy and get creative.

The only sequel I am here for is the long and overdue release of the new Incredibles. I pushing baby in strollers out of my way to make sure I am first in line for a ticket. Outside of that, all of these other reboots, remakes and continuations are going to get a strong no from me, dawg.


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