A Lesson in Side Chicking Featuring Eniko Hart and Kevin Hart

A Lesson in Side Chicking Featuring Eniko Hart and Kevin Hart

The old saying goes, "You lose him how you got him.". Eniko Hart, much like other women, thought that she would be the exception only to be proven to be the "rule".

Here's what we can learn from her "situation".

What goes around most definitely always comes back around. You can’t hide from karma…

Let Kevin Hart’s situation be yet another reminder to all the career side chicks out in these streets tonight. If he cheats with you, he will cheat ON you. You’re twat isn't made with gold and glitter ain't in your cum.

Stop laying with married/involved men thinking that he is going to treat you better than the woman he is WITH. You are laying next to this man telling you ALL the secrets the woman he “claims” to love trusted with him and you think that makes you special? It makes you dumb and convenient.

If you truly have an issue with people not feeling sorry for Eniko at this moment and your reasoning is “blah blah blah, Black women…” hush. She made a decision. Backed by an action. And every action has a “reaction” and/or consequence.


In fact, if you are a Black woman who thinks that just because they are Black they should not be held, nor should they hold another Black woman, accountable I don’t trust you or your “sisterhood“.

Some of you will completely ignore the unjust done by another woman JUST to be able to say you are “for Black women/for women”.

“Oh, we shouldn’t speak on her reaping what she sowed. Because we fail the sisterhood if we call it out.”

Bullshit. You fail the “sisterhood” when you turn the “other cheek” and let shenanigans continue to be shenanigans because you are too afraid to be the voice needed.

This is the real world. You make a decision, YOU have to deal with the fallout should there be one. You can NOT continue to sit here and cry about men not holding other men accountable and then turn around and try to argue against holding other women accountable too.

Does she deserve to be cheated on? (shrugs) That’s subjective and open to debate (not with me). But I for sure am not going to sit here and act like I “care” when I don’t. Last time I checked adulting and being a decent human being is a universal thing. It doesn’t just stop at penis.

Etcetera (what I so graciously call her) made the decision to stay by her “man’s side” through all of this. She recognizes that having barely being married a year SHE will get nothing if she walks away and she knows he has a “thing” for marrying side chicks. So, she will stick it out and deal with the backlash and numerous other women (which there will be) until alimony is an option and at least one more baby slides out of her birth canal. She thinks she is playing it “smart” but the gag is…

Kevin knows this. He knows exactly why she is staying. He will cheat again. And a few more times. But now he has her right where HE wants her. Bound by the money. Addicted to the lifestyle. Desperate not to be “Torrei”. Determined not to let “karma” win…motivated not to let the spectators be “right” about what they say about her.

He knows what she will and what she won’t tolerate. He knows how to play her.

Prepare for the next story or leak in 6 months…

When money and “appearance” means more than dignity and self-worth this is what we get. You’d be surprised at the number of men who cheat while their girlfriends/wives are pregnant. It’s like they infect you with their sperm, wait for you to blow up and be undesirable to another male, then once they realize you are undesirable they are no longer “interested” because you don’t look like you did before they infected you with their demon seed.

You cheat on me while I’m pregnant and you are signing up to be a single father.

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