Self.Care | 5 Tips To Avoid Being A Toxic Waste Dump This Year

Self.Care | 5 Tips To Avoid Being A Toxic Waste Dump This Year

5 Tips To Avoid Being A Toxic Waste Dump This Year

When you operate with a optimistic mind, you're able to deal with problems easily because you're not working against a preconceived notion of how things "should be”.  Optimism allows you the ability to tap into your creative problem-solving skills and move through challenges without all the drama and frustration.  Be like the tree that bends with the breeze - and you're much less likely to break!

Small inner changes can make a dramatic difference in your state of well-being, productivity and overall mental health, here are 5 tips on how to avoiding falling into the pit of negativity hell in 2019.

1. Stay around positive people.

This is so important. Hanging out with positive people will help you stay positive and keep you focused on what matters most. There is an old saying that states you are the sum of the 5 people you hang around the most (or something like that) and as cliche as it may sound it is absolutely 100% true.)  Avoid negative people because they will rub their vibe off on you and bring you down from trying to achieve positivity to being a cynical blowhard.

2. Remind yourself what you are grateful for.

Develop a culture of talking about the good things that happen to you other than focusing on the bad. Sounds easy but it’s harder than you’d expect. Work on changing your outlook on situations to see the “positive” in place of the negative. You did get a flat tire on your way to that job interview but you did not have an accident, your phone is on full charge, you have triple AAA and you can always use your fully charged phone to call that job and reschedule if need be. Something else happens when you practice this. Ready for it? YOU ACTUALLY CALM DOWN!!! Shocking, isn’t it?

3. Own up to your mistakes/Accept personal responsibility.

If you mess up, take responsibility. Own it. Take the L, that one for the home team and do better from that moment forward. Do not blame other people for things that are your fault or could have been avoided had different decisions were made. Contrary to popular belief and the new trend of victimization, there is always a choice. No one decision made on this Earth was made without there being another path to take. Now, that isn’t to say that said path is a pleasurable one or one that is better than the latter but it is very much a choice. Refusing to own your mistakes and be present where you fall short in acknowledgement does nothing but bring misguided toxic, hate fueled energy towards you. Instead, accept the situation as it is and move on with life.

4. Avoid unnecessary drama in your life especially if it doesn't pay your bills = MIND YOUR BUSINESS.

Drama is an unfortunate and most of the time could be avoided by doing one simple thing: Walking away.. Part of avoiding drama is preventing dramatic people from entering your sacred space. This mean avoiding friends, family members and even partners who are constantly in the mix of something. It means cutting off the words of a gossiping tongue before it gets started. Avert the gossip at all cost. If it isn’t your business, you don’t need to hear it. You will eventually become the virus the spread. 

5. Be kind to people.

By being kind, I mean treat others the way you would want to be treated. Sometimes we get so caught up with making sure that our guards are up we forget how to be kind to those around us out of fear that a small bout of kindness might make us a mark for someone looking for a sucker. Do various acts of kindness every day. This will keep you in a happy spirit. Besides, karma will also pay you back handsomely for your kind deeds.

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