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4 Tips for Mending a Broken Heart

Self-CareJenn Renee
4 Tips for Mending a Broken Heart

I don’t know about you, but I am one of those women who simply cannot deal with a broken heart. It cripples me. Honestly, it is probably one of the reasons I keep my heart so close to me and very seldom allow others the opportunity to “get inside”.

Getting past the layers of brick walls I have standing in front of my heart is hard labor and for most they give up not even half way through. But like most women, occasionally one slips through the cracks and I find myself rolling around on my living room floor listening to Toni Braxton’s “Let It Flow” while stuffing my face with double stuffed Oreo’s and wine.

Don’t be like me. Try this instead.



You are going to feel like shit for the first few weeks. Depending how emotional of a person you are, you may feel like crying for days. Go ahead. A significant change has occurred in your life; a painful change. There is no way to expect that you will feel a little sadness and be able to shut it off with a switch. It’s just not that simple. Allow yourself to grieve for your loss. But not too long! Staying in the past for too long can only hurt you. See rule number 4.

Talk to Someone Close:

Use the shoulder of someone who cares about you to get out your feelings. This is a way to purify your soul by letting someone in to share your pain. Let them listen, comfort you, and offer advice. You don’t necessarily have to take that advice, but sharing this comfort can make you feel better. Make sure you only allow yourself to grieve and lean on someone for a time because you need to move forward.

Distract Yourself:

Bring friends you care about back into your life. Maybe having the relationship was keeping you from spending time with your parents, or siblings. Maybe you hadn’t talked to your best friend in weeks. Surround yourself with this support network. Getting things that need to be done around the house done is a great way to get lost in a project. Go to the gym. Organize your closet. Get out and take a walk. Distracting yourself is a great stepping stone to moving on with your life. This brings us to rule number 4.

Look toward the Future; Forget the Past:

Once you have allowed yourself the indulgence of grieving for a part of your life that is now past, look forward! There is a definite need to be able to start a new chapter in the book of your life. Now that you are past the sadness and anger, it is time for hope and renewal that will help you to move on. Take time out for yourself; get to know yourself as a single individual instead of as part of a couple. Replenish your soul by becoming you again.

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