From The Desk of Jenn
From The Desk of Jenn
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Hi, I’m Jenn. I am a Dallas based Authorpreneur + Storyteller. The stories and essays presented here are a reflection of my life. Unless stated otherwise all work presented here is my own and no parts of my work may be used without consent. Happy Reading, Enjoy!



“Jenn, hi hope you and you daughter are well. Just read your new website may I say, you are a BRILLIANT writer your essays are on point. Important. Congratulations on what you have and what you're going to get. Brava!” - Dee Dee LeFrank

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I’m often referred to as the “mean friend” by men and a “mother hen” by women. I’m the one you hate calling for advice, but you call anyway because you know no matter what I am going to tell you the truth. Plus, I’m always right. So, there’s that.

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I wanted to be a writer so I started my own digital magazine. Right at it’s highest peak my anxiety kicked in and I shut it down. Then I wanted to be a Publicist, so I started my own PR & Marketing firm. Right at it’s highest peak anxiety kicked in again and I shut it down as well. Now I want to be a writer that owns a magazine and sometimes does PR and Marketing sh*t. So, there’s who I am in a nutshell. Can you tell that I am a Libra?

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I write about the sh*t most people are afraid to talk about. I don’t shy away from embarrassing moments because I believe that every moment we breathe life is a new opportunity to learn a lesson. Life is about learning and growing.