Ten Tips on How to Contact Potential Connections via Email

Ten Tips on How to Contact Potential Connections via Email

Ten Tips on How to Properly Contact Potential Connections via Email:

Over the years I’ve received thousands of emails from people in just about every industry and it always amazes me just how poorly educated people are when it comes to sending effective emails to potential clients and contacts. So, because I am a giving person I have complied a list of ten tips to help you be more effective with your email pitches because honestly, I am tired.

Ten Tips on How to Properly Contact Potential Connections via Email:

1.Get some damn permission first

Reach out to your point of contact first and ask if they mind being forwarded whatever information it is you are trying to send to them. Nothing grinds my gears more than receiving unsolicited emails from unknown sources. It’s kind of like opening your Facebook messages and seeing an unsolicited (and extremely unmoisturized penis) from some random man. Guarantee delete and block.

2. Keep your email header short

Why are you typing an entire paragraph in your header? You do realize that about 95% of it will be cut off anyway, right? There is no need to jam pack your email headers. Just keep it short, to the point and CATCHY, not corny. There’s a difference!

3. Tailor your emails to address individuals

Yes, it is easier and less time consuming to send out a mass email with a basic Bcc. The problem is most mass emails are generic, cheesy and easy to spot even to an untrained eye. Have you ever received a message from someone and you can tell immediately that this message was exclusive to you? A trained eye can catch this immediately and more than likely won’t bother reading the entire email, thus you wasted your time and finger energy for nothing

4. NEVER list multiple contact information (Cc)

Okay look, it is a simple mistake that everyone makes including me. if you do happen to go the Bcc route, make sure that you do not accidentally expose email addresses and contact information that has been privately provided to you. It’s like your mother giving your number out to that one ex that you want nothing more than to ever hear from again. Contacts trust you to safeguard their information just as much as your clients. Protecting your contacts is just as important as protecting your clients.

5. Add your contact information at the bottom of your message

Technically this should be a no brainer but apparently it needs to be said. Make sure your contact information is visible at the end of every message that you send out.

6. Do not attach documents or images unless asked, I repeat DO NOT ATTACH DOCUMENTS OR IMAGES UNLESS ASKED TO!!

All email agents allow you to embed images directly into your messages without having to attach them. With all of the spam attacks and email hackings contacts are less likely to open an attachment they weren’t expecting which means that you are missing out on opportunity for yourself or your client.

7. Write a shirt summary in the email and provide a link to the full release (upon request)

Send a brief synopsis of your pitch to gage interest. If interested you will be asked for more information. Only when asked is that your opportunity to provide links, attachments and any other marketing material you have.

8. Create virtual releases

I suggest you consider using video and other digital media presentation tools to invite contacts to a private screening. Make the offer hard for the viewer to ignore.

9. Avoid fancy complex formats and large images

PLEASEEEEEE NO HTML!! Avoid sending HTML emails with large photos, videos or gifs. It causes the email to load to slow and if that persons computer isn’t formatted to read HTML which will cause your email to look tacky and thus…get thrown out the doh'.

10. Make it easy to say no

Offer the opportunity to have contact information removed from your contact list in the future to avoid any future attempts of contact from being made. It might not seem like a big deal but people appreciate being given an easy option to opt out without feeling guilty or pressure.

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