From One Entrepreneur To The Next: Stop Lying! Everyone Doesn't Need To Be An Entrepreneur

From One Entrepreneur To The Next: Stop Lying! Everyone Doesn't Need To Be An Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is hard as hell and it is not something that I would suggest all willy nilly.

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Yes, I said it and I won’t be taking it back. I have been on this journey to entrepreneurship for about six years now off/on and the one thing I can tell you is that is can be one of the most discouraging things you will ever encounter. 

Everyone wants to be an entrepreneur now. Everyone is preaching entrepreneurship and ownership. Everyone loves to talk about how “free” you feel once you step away from the daily 9 to 5 and learn how to set your own rules. It sounds good and I can admit it is one of the most alluring sounds your ears will hear, but no one talks about the dark side of entrepreneurship and for that reason we now have every bopper with a “high” idea calling themselves a “CEO”.

Not everyone needs to be an entrepreneur.

But there’s another side to why people should really stop shaming people that would rather not have that extra headache and ulcer waiting to happen.

Not everyone aspires to own their own business or be an entrepreneur and that is ok. The answer to our problem is not for everyone to go out and start their own business. That's not productive. If every person in the Black community starts their own business, who is going to help us run the business? Who are we going to hire? Who are we providing jobs for if everyone already has their own business?

Stop kicking out the idea of entrepreneurship as if entrepreneurship is something that you can just wake up one day and decide to do. Even if you enter an industry with a low start-up cost, the average entrepreneur doesn't really see a return on investment until three to five years out. So, even if you were to start your own business nine times out of ten you're going to have to have some kind of consistent outside income coming in monthly to help sustain your lifestyle until business picks up. Meaning you're going to need a job. Or have more than one PROFITABLE business collectively bringing in enough money to hold you over.

Stop selling entrepreneurship as if it is some over the night, easy come easy go plan. I have been an entrepreneur for the better part of six years, and a good majority of my friends/associates are also entrepreneurs in one way or another, and we can all tell you that entrepreneurship is hard. There are a lot of times when you're not sure when your rent is going to be paid. There are a lot of days when you're not sure if you're going to eat because you haven't been paid by your client yet. There are a lot of times where you have to go back into the corporate world to help make up for the money that you're losing during the slow months. Entrepreneurship is a 24 hours, seven days a week type work. We don't sleep, we don't break, we don't take vacations and even if we do we're still working. Because as an entrepreneur if you don't work you don't eat and neither does your family.

Stop trying to push entrepreneurship as if all you have to do is create a product or service tell people about it and wait for the money to come in. Entrepreneurship is marketing, marketing research, industry analysis, brand building, test trials, PR, development, curation, and months of research...sometimes years.

Find a need + create a quality product × provide a great customer experience = longevity.

I don't need any more bundle suppliers. I need a local hair store that I can walk into and see Black faces and ask Black questions as it pertains to Black hair and get Black answers.

I have seen so many businesses come and go because they came in thinking that it was going to be some over night, instant success and were met with a rude awakening. They didn't do the work because somebody told them that all they needed to do to start their own business was get an LLC and be their own boss. 

Entrepreneurship is not some Ponzi scheme with the pyramid promotion strategy attached to it.

Also, stop pushing this notion that there are no Black businesses in the Black community. There are millions of QUALITY small to medium and even large Black businesses operating in the United States. The problem is they aren't supported by the black community. You don't want to support those businesses, unless it comes with the discount or has a popular name/face attached to it. Yes, I am going to be THAT person. If you think I am exaggerating go into any Black business group and Facebook and ask any of the thousands of Black business owners if they have ever had issues with customers trying to haggle them on price or attempting to get “money back” for some minute thing.

There's levels to this business owning game, and a lot of y'all haven't even scratched the surface but stay talking about we need to "start our own business".

...and a lot of yall be scamming.

...and be lying.

...and call yourself giving business advice when you don't even know your own business

...or your industry

...or your audience

...or what YOU do.

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